Install Update

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Periodically, HY-TEK provides what are called Service Pack Updates that contain corrections to reported problems.  These Service Pack Updates are FREE for TEAM MANAGER 8.0 and are available to download and install from the internet using the TEAM MANAGER Check for Updates feature from the TM Main Menu.  This feature automatically checks to see if you have the current version.  If not, it automatically downloads and installs the update for you.


If you do not have access to the internet, then you have two ways of updating your computer with the latest TM software.


1.Obtain a copy of the file that contains the current update from another computer that has your licensed copy of TM installed on it, or that you have downloaded from our web site by clicking on Download Center.  Copy that file to a storage device and then take device to your computer.  Now start TM and click on File then Install Update and pick that device.  You can always find the last file that was downloaded in a directory named Download in the installation directory - typically c:\\hy-sport\TM8\Download.


2.Order a Product Replacement CD from the Sales Office.  When you receive the new TM Installation CD, follow the normal instructions for installing TM.  Click Here for information about how to do that.