Mailing Labels for Meet Entries

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he Mailing Label for Meet Entries Report is designed to produce a set of labels containing mailing address information for the swimmers that have been entered in a specific meet.  TM will use either the Primary Contact or Secondary Contact information based on which one you specified in each Athlete's record.   First, click on Labels then Mailing Labels for Meet Entries.





Click on the Don't Print Duplicates check box and TM will not print mailing labels for siblings.
If you have a "Page Printer" - that is, either a Laser, Ink/Jet or Bubble/Jet printer, you can choose either 2x10 or 3x10 Avery 1 inch label stock sheets, or the A4 size paper either 2x8 or 3x11 label sheets.
If you have a Dot Matrix Printer, you can choose the 1x tractor fed stock labels.