MEET MANAGER for Track & Field

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MEET MANAGER for Track & Field (TFMM) is the very finest meet management software designed to help you run any kind of track & field meet – Age Group, College, High School, Masters, YMCA, Cross Country, Road Race, or Championship format.


One person should be able to perform the bulk of the administrative tasks of running the meet, including entering events, teams, and athlete entries; producing the meet program using a wide range of report layout options; and entering and producing various result reports.  


To make your task even easier, MEET MANAGER supports the import of entries from diskette or from the Internet before the meet, as well as the Import of results with splits from your Photo Finish Interface, Scoreboard Interface, FieldLynx Interface and Button Finish Interface using our Interface software.  The INTERFACE option is special software that is designed to communicate with many different Interfaces including FinishLynx, Omega, MacFinish,  Daktronics, Fairtron, FieldLynx, Time Tech 8, Time Machine, Chronomix 737, and Nielsen-Kellerman Interval Watch.


The Pro option, with the Multi-User Network and Real-Time Results Export to the Web features, is designed to run large meets using several computers sharing one common Database.  Set up 2 or more computers so that the Clerk of Course does scratches and seeding on one computer while results and ribbon labels are printed on a second computer and the meet is being run from another computer – all sharing the same common Database!


TFMM is the latest in Track & Field team automation technology - check it out.