Memorized Reports

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The Memorize Report feature is a wonderful time-saver that allows you to save various report settings and then give those settings a name that TM remembers and maintains in a list for you.


Various reports display the Memorize Report icon that allows you to "name" the report and save the settings and options for that report.  If you wish to run that report or a similar report, click on Reports from the Main Menu Bar and then Memorized Reports.  TM will display an alphabetical list of all the memorized reports that you have previously named and saved.  You can also filter the report name list by report "type".  For example if you have 50 memorized reports and you are looking for one that you saved for the Top Times Report, click on the Top Times Report radio button and TM will list only those reports that were memorized from the Top Times Report menu.


Highlight the report name you wish to run and either double click or click on the Run Report button.  TM will then display the report menu you selected with all the "selections" and "options" that you previously saved.  You can still make changes to those selections or you can click on the Create Report button to accept your previous selections and settings.