Modified T-30

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This module has two features:


A simpler way to administer the T-30 using a variable distance
The ability to predict anaerobic threshold speeds for each stroke swimming, kicking, and pulling.  This idea is thanks to Jonty Skinner.


When doing a timed 30 minute swim, it is hard to signal to the athletes when 30 minutes is up, and then they must stop in place to see how far they are from the wall.  It is much easier to tell an athlete to go 2500 meters and get the exact time.  So what you do is, estimate how far each athlete is likely to go in 30 minutes, and have each athlete swim that distance and get the exact time.  For example, the time for 2500 meters might be 29:35.00. This module will allow you to enter the distance and time for each athlete.




It is usually difficult to administer timed 30 minute swims more than once a month, and what do you do with an IMer?  It is not practical to do 4 T-30's, one for each stroke.  So, use this module and only do one T-30 freestyle maybe every two months, and do an all out 500 yard or 400 meter free every other week or so.  Enter these results in this module, and Workout Manager will have a ratio of speeds to work with:  T-30 speed divided by 500 speed.  This ratio will be less than 1.  Now, on another day, have your backstroker, for example, swim a 450 yard or 350 meter backstroke all out for time like it was a meet.  Enter this distance and time, and Workout Manager will calculate the anaerobic threshold speed for backstroke using the freestyle ratio.  You can do this for any stroke, swimming, pulling, or kicking, but it is important that the amount of time it takes to do the all out kick, for example, should be close to the same amount of time as the all out 400 meter or 500 yard free.


Please click Here for information about how to preview or print a Modified T-30 Report.