TM Product Packages

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TEAM MANAGER 8.0 is available in 3 package sets.  Click on Help then About to see exactly what package was ordered by your Team.  The following is a list of available product packages.




The Bronze package includes the basic features needed to manage the administrative and performance data for your swim team including the setup and registration of all of your swimmers, setting up and exporting meet entries, importing and tracking meet results, lots of reports and much more.


The Bronze package also includes a FREE subscription to Team Connect Online and Team Stats Online for the Life of TM 8.0.




The Silver package includes all the features in the Bronze package plus the following features.


Standards and Records Option

Enter or Import your Team's, League's, or State's Records, and then let TM maintain those records based on the results of each meet.  Enter or import your Leagues time Standards and then tag each swimmer's time with the appropriate designator.  For example, import the USA Swimming Motivational Standards included with TM, and then run the Top Times Report and tag each time with the AAAA, AAA, AA, A, BB, or B time – 1:23.45 BB.


Predict Results Option

This option allows you to set up a meet results simulation based on your swimmer's best times and another team's best times that have been entered into your Database.  This is a great feature for High School or College dual meets.


Recruiting/Journal Option

TM helps you set up and maintain Notes or Journal entries for your club.  The option also provides a way for you to enter and track recruiting information about your swimmers.  This is a great feature for High School teams who want to provide a nice recruiting report to send to prospective colleges.


Award/Improvement Labels Option

This option supports the printing of an award or improvement label based on the results from a meet – for example, print an award label for the swimmers who finished 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in the City Summer Meet.  Or, print an improvement label for every swimmer that improved his/her time more than .5 seconds.  You also have the option to print a Participant label for everyone who swam in the meet.


Entry Card/Labels Option

This option allows for the printing of an Entry card or label that contains each swimmer's name, age, gender, what event they are entered in, their entry time, etc.


Graphing Option

This is a great feature for age group teams to show progress for a swimmer in a given stroke and distance.  TM offers both bar and line graphs in 3D and color.


Pro Network Option

This option allows several computers to simultaneously share one common Database - click Here for information about the Pro option.




The Gold package includes the features in the Silver package plus the following features.


Workout Manager Basic Option

This widely used coaching tool greatly reduces the time to develop and plan workouts while at the same time helping with organizing practice sessions.  The goal is to help coaches be more creative, more effective, and more efficient in their coaching style.   Click Here for information about the Workout Manager options.


Workout Manager Training Option

This option helps a coach quickly figure out what swimming speeds correspond to aerobic training and what swimming speeds correspond to anaerobic training for each swimmer.  Use of WM's Training option provides training paces based on scientific studies.


Workout Manager Pace Clock Option

This option enables a coach to transfer workouts written in Workout Manager to any of the various timing machines that have a pace clock capability.  Thus, you will be able to manipulate workouts and avoid having to re-enter workouts manually into the pace clock machine.



If you find that you wish to upgrade to a package that was not originally included as your original order, click Here to find out how to contact the Sales Office to order that new option.  When you contact us, please include your License Name and current mailing address along with your method of payment.


To find out your official product License Name, start TM and then click on Help then About.