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This Section will describe and provide information about how to


Create a Records File
Edit a Record Description
Delete a Records File
Add, Edit, or Delete a Record
Import a Records File
Export a Records File


NOTE: Please note that the Records feature and associated reports are a product Option for TM.  Please click Here for information about options.


A record is simply the fastest time achieved in a particular age group, stroke, and distance.  Examples of Records would be a Pool Record, Team Record, Meet Record, State Record, or a World Record.  You can print records by clicking on Reports from the Main Menu Bar and then Records.  


A Record includes the following information:


Record Time
Gender, Age Group, Stroke, and Distance of the event
Optional Date the Record was set
Optional Record Holder Information
Optional LSC Code and Team Name of the Record Holder


Once this information has been entered for a particular Record, you can run the Records Match Report after each meet to get a list of any records that have been broken during that meet.  The Records Match Report will also give you the option of automatically updating any new records that were broken.  Click Here for more information about the Record Match Report.


NOTE: The USA Swimming National Age Group (NAG) Record files for LC Meters and Yards were installed in your TM 4.0 installation directory.  Click Here for information about how to import those records into your database.