Report Custom Age Groups

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When you run reports like the Top Times Report, TM will use the "built-in" age groups as follows:

10 & Under
15 & Over


But if your league, High School or College has a specific set of age groups that you want TM to use, then click on Set-up, then Preferences, then Report Custom Age Groups.


              Age Group                                                     High School

 CustomAgeGroups                        CustomAgeGroups-HS


TM will display the current set of Report Custom Age Groups with the Strokes and Distances you previously selected in the order you specified.  You can filter that list by Age Group, Stroke, or Distance.


You can Add, Edit, or Delete any set of Custom Age Groups in the Age Group Table listed. To enter a new age group, click on Add or the Add icon and enter the age group range - like 9 to 10 and then click OK and TM will let you select what stroke and distances to include for that particular age group.




When you finish selecting the stroke and distances for that age group, click OK and TM will store all the age group strokes and distances that you just selected in the Custom Age Group table.  Then you may specify the order in which you may want these age groups/strokes/distances displayed in the TM reports.  You can also click on the Global Delete selection to delete ALL of the previously entered custom age groups.


For example, after you have set up your Custom Age Groups, when you go to print  the Top Times Report, Top Times Spreadsheet, or the Seasonal Results Spreadsheet Report, click on the Custom Age Group radio button on the Age Group tab and TM will honor your request by printing the Best Times using the age groups/strokes/distances that you specified in the order you selected.