Setup a High School or College Team

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TEAM MANAGER makes it easy to customize various preferences and settings for a High School or College team.  Here are few suggestions for setting up and maintaining a High School or College swim team.


1.In System Preferences, specify Default Team Registration as OTH and Default Team Type as HS or COL.  There is no need to set up a Meet or System Age-up-date for a High School or College Database.
2.In Report Preferences, specify Open Events as No Designation so the Open 100 Free will be displayed as 100 Free.
3.Be sure to set up a Favorite Filter with your Team Abbreviation and Course of Yards.
4.When you Add your Team, TM will use the System Preferences of OTH and HS/COL from 1. above.
5.When you Add Athletes, be sure to specify the School Year.  TM comes with FR, SO, JR, and SR but you can customize your own School Year designations.  Click Here for information about setting up your own School Year codes.  There is no need to enter the swimmer's birth date or age for High School or College Swimmers.
6.At the beginning of your season, you can request that TM "Year Up" your swimmers from FR to SO, SO to JR, and JR to SR.  Click Here for information on how to do that.
7.You can set up Report Custom Events that are all "Open" and specify what strokes and distances you want reported.  Then from the Top Times Report and Top Times Spreadsheet Report, click on the Custom Events radio button under the Age Group tab.


On all reports sorted by Name, TM will display the swimmers School Year and his/her Age.  On reports sorted by Event with an Age/YR column, TM will display the swimmer's School Year if that exists.


NOTE: Please note that you can enter a swimmer on up to three teams.  For example, you may want to set up a separate team for your YMCA or Age Group team, one for your High School team, and one for your Summer League team.  A swimmer could then be on one, two, or all three of these teams.  Then you can filter reports "by Team" to get Rosters, Top Times, Entries, etc for the swimmers on any one specific team.