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The computations in this module are based on research and data by Oerjan Madsen, Ph.D., from West Germany.


T-30 means timed 30 minute swim.  Based on the distance swim in 30 minutes, it is possible to predict the anaerobic threshold pace for doing repeat 50's, 100's, 200's, 400's, etc., with 5 to 15 seconds of rest.  When doing the test, it is important for the athlete to try to swim intelligently by even pacing the test or possibly even slightly negative splitting the swim.  The distance each athlete achieves is easily recorded in this module.  There is a place for each athlete to have a rested and an unrested distance recorded.




Usually, you would record an unrested distance, since the T-30's purpose is to update the anaerobic threshold pace as the season progresses.  Please click Here for information about how to preview or print a T-30 Report.