Time Standards

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This Section will describe and provide information about how to


Create a Time Standard File
Delete a Time Standard File
Add, Edit, or Delete a Time Standard
Import a Time Standard File
Export a Time Standard File


NOTE: Please note that the Time Standards feature and associated reports are a product Option for TM.  Please click Here for information about options.


A Time Standard is simply a set of times that have been established to represent a certain level of swimming.  For example, an A time represents a certain time for every gender, age, stroke, and distance.  Sometimes these Time Standards or cuts are specified as criteria for entering a meet.  For example, an A Meet may require that only those athletes who have previously swum an A time can enter the meet.  Please click Here for information on importing Time Standards as meet entry times or cuts.


A Time Standard can have up to 12 Designators.  A Designator can be 1 to 4 characters in length.  You might think of a Designator as a "level" within the Standard. For example, the USA Swimming Motivational Time Standards have 6 designators or levels - AAAA, AAA, AA, AA, BB, and B.  Each Designator can have a time for a particular gender, stroke, distance, and age group. For example, the Gold Time Standard for a Girls 11-12 50 Free could be 28.97 and the Silver Standard could be 30.97.


In addition, each specific Standard can have a "Slower than" as well as a "Faster than" component.  For example, the Gold "Faster than" component could be 28.97 as in the example above which means that all Girls 11-12 50 Free times that are 28.97 or faster will be tagged with "Gold" next to the time.  For example:


 Sharon Tippett          50 Free  28.44 Gold

 Betty Odom                50 Free  30.65 Silv        


Or, the Designator for a particular gender, stroke, distance, and age range could indicate times that are "slower than" a particular time.  For example, suppose you wanted to tag all of the times that were "slower than" a 1:10.00 for the Boys 13-14 100 Back and call that designator "Nov" for "Novice".  You would enter 1:10.00 in the "Slower than" side of the Standard and leave the "Faster than" side blank.  For example,


 Bill Glass                100 Back 1:12.43 Nov

 Sam Hawkins                100 Back 1:15.45 Nov


If you wish to customize your screen and browser menus to show only the typical "Faster than" side, then go to the Main Menu / Set-up / Preferences / System Preferences, and click the Show Only "Faster than" Time STD/Qual. Times check box.