Athlete/Relay Preferences
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The Athlete/Relay Preferences Menu allows you to customize your Athlete Add/Edit Menu and to choose how you want to set up your Relays for your Meet. By choosing (or not choosing) the selected options you are able to customize the Athlete Add/Edit Screen by "graying out" the options that are not selected.


Ages and Birth Dates: Ages are not required unless you have some events with specific age ranges, such as in Masters/WMA meets. Birth dates are not required unless you have setup the meet to use Divisions with Birth Date Ranges, such as in Youth Athletics. Whenever you Open a New Database, MM will ask you to specify the Age-Up-Date to use to calculate each Athlete's age. That way when you enter an Athlete's birth date, MM will automatically calculate the athlete's age. If you are not using ages, such as in a High School or College meet, then this date is not used. If later you find that you want to change the Age-Up-Date and have MM recalculate each Athlete's Age based on this new Age-Up-Date, MM will ask if you want the ages of the Athletes recomputed; change the Age-Up Date and click OK. Click the Yes button, and MM will compare the new Age-Up-Date with the birth date of all of the Athletes and store the new updated age in the Database. Enter Century in birth dates forces you to enter the 4 digit year for a birth date rather than just the 2 digit year. This is primarily needed for the older athletes in masters meets to speed up data entry to get the correct century for say an athlete born in 1925

Enter Registration Numbers
This number can be any organizational registration number.

Enter Athlete Status
To enter a status of exhibition (x) or foreigner (*) for a given athlete within the Athlete Menu, check "Enter Athlete Status". Depending on your Entry / Scoring Preference choices, exhibition and foreign athletes will or will not get awards, and foreigners will have an asterisk in front of their names on reports.

Relay Preferences
®    Allow "A" Relays Only means each team is limited to one relay entry per relay event.  
® Allow anyone from any team on a relay means any person from any team can be on a given relay such as in an all-star meet.  
® Allow athlete to compete on 2+ relays in the same event means an athlete could be listed on an A relay and a B relay, for example.  

Competitor Numbers
Competitor numbers are optional in MM. You can have MM automatically assign this number as you add athletes or you can later use the Athlete Menu's Competitor Number button to automatically re-number all athletes starting with any number and one of the re-numbering choices will be to number alphabetically by team and alphabetically by name within each team. There are four competitor numbering systems possible in MM.

®   Unique - If you check Unique, then no two athletes can have the same number.  
®   Male / Female Separately Unique - If you select this choice, then you can have two identical sets of numbers, one for females and one for males. Male and female athletes may have the same numbers, but all males must be unique to other males, and all females must be unique to other females.  
®   Disable Uniqueness - for special situations, you can disable competitor number checking and assign the same number to as many people as you wish! Note that by doing this, MM will not be able to properly search for an athlete by competitor number.  
®   Auto increment competitor numbers - As you add an athlete, the computer will automatically assign the next available number based upon your choice for uniqueness. For example, when you add the first athlete to the database, he/she will be assigned #1.