Custom Alleys

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Custom alley preferences are used to accommodate those meets that use "super alleys" and other such unusual configurations. To enter your customized set of alpha-numeric labels for each position, select the Events Menu, select the event, and click Custom Alleys at the top. You then enter any label you want for up to the 1st 99 positions in a flight. Each distance event can have its own set of custom alleys. To make it easier for officials and timers to associate the alpha-numeric alley designator with the position, the position and alpha-number designator are both shown on heat sheets and finish line heat sheets (e.g. 3 1A for pos 3, spot 1A).

Note: After seeding an event with alleys, the only way to see the alphanumeric numbering is to list a start list from the Meet Program Report or the Finish Line Heat Sheet or the Draft Sheet from the Preview Menu.