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Many menus use icons for quick selection of a task. The following set of icons are used throughout MEET MANAGER.

Icon   Description  
icon-add    Add  
icon-edit   Edit  
icon-delete   Delete  
icon-view   Show/Hide Filters  
icon-print   Print  
icon-exit   Exit Menu  
icon-selectall   Select All  
icon-undo   Undo, De-Select All, Scratch All, Clear Indicators, Combine Results  
icon-favorites   Preferences  
icon-memorizeexport   Memorize Report  
icon-find   Find  
icon-layoutsave   Save Grid Layout  
icon-printgrid   Print / Preview Grid  
icon-exporttohtml   Export to HTML  
icon-contact   Contact Information  
icon-export   Create Export File  
icon-events   Events Menu  
icon-athletemenu   Athlete Menu  
icon-relays   Relays Menu  
icon-teams   Team Menu  
icon-seeding   Seeding Menu  
icon-records   Records Menu or Re-Score All Events in Run Menu  
icon-timestds   Mark Standards Menu  
icon-comments   Preview Menu or Event Comments  
icon-sessions   Sessions Menu or Scratch Pad  
icon-swimups   Show/Hide Age Ups  
icon-copy   Copy Relay Names, Copy Entries  
icon-scratchback   Scratch Back  
icon-scratchforward   Scratch Forward  
icon-consolidate   Consolidate Meet  
icon-combine   Combine Event Entries  
icon-startseeding   Start Seeding  
icon-save   Save  
icon-switchheats   Switch Heats  
icon-teamsplit   Team Split in Preview Menu  
icon-web   Web Real Time Results Setup  
icon-reset   Reset Events in Purge Menus  
icon-moveall   Move All  
icon-removeall   Remove All