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This New Features List is based on MEET MANAGER 3.0Cs which is the last planned version of the 3.0 release series.

Major Features

Printer Selection
·In the Printer Options setup, you can choose any printer for reports and any printer for labels. Previously this selection only worked when printing directly to the printer. Now it also works when Previewing a report.  
·In Printer Options, you can separately enter a number of copies for the Meet Program, for Results, and then for all other reports.  
·When a report is Previewed, there is a new second printer icon which will print directly when clicked using the selected printer in Printer Options. In addition, there is a number of copies text box which defaults to your Printer Options settings, but can be changed on the fly. The previous printer icon in MM 3.0 remains and works the same as before using the default windows printer.  

Database Conversion

·If MM 4.0 attempts to open an MM 2.0 database, the database will be automatically converted to the MM 4.0 structure. MM 4.0 databases are interchangeable with MM 3.0 databases, but when opening with MM 3.0, the features that come with MM 4.0 will of course not be available.  
·MM 2.0 versions will not be able to open an MM 4.0 database. The work around for MM 2.0 users is to install the Free MM 4.0 Demo and use the Demo to view the data, create reports, and create needed export files. The ACTIVE Network Demo for MM 4.0 can be downloaded from the HY-TEK web site at:  


·If the Photo Finish Interface is set to read FinishLynx .lif result files, splits, if any, will be read into the Track database. When creating results reports either from the Run Menu or the Reports Menu, there is an option to include the splits in one, two, and three column results reports. For real time results to the web, there is a separate option to include the splits.  
·In the CC/RR module, if the CC/RR Button Interface is set to read FinishLynx .lif result files, splits, if any, will be read into the CC/RR database. There is a check box option in the CC/RR module to include splits or not in List and in Flat HTML reports. If updating the CC/RR results from the CC/RR module to the Track database in the Run Menu, splits, if any, will be copied too.  

New Features

·Each time MM is started, it will automatically check the Internet to see if there is a newer version available. If there is a newer version, a message will be displayed and you can update immediately or wait until later.  


·An Interface for the new Omega Star photo finish system using file sharing of start lists and results has been added.  
·An Interface for AccuChip result text files has been added to the CC/RR module. By selecting the new AccuChip Interface as the Timing Method for Cross Country and Road Race events, complete results can be imported from one text file created by the AccuChip system.  
·An Interface for MyLaps result text files has been added to the CC/RR module. By selecting the new MyLaps Interface as the Timing Method for Cross Country and Road Race events, complete results can be imported from one text file created by the MyLaps system.  
·An Interface to the Swiss Track & Field Package has been added. The system shares start list and result files for field events and enables one to import an entire field series results for a given field event.  
·For scoreboards, MM can now transmit scoreboard data using UDP instead of serial ports. In MM, if you enter the IP address and port number for the scoreboard, the data will be broadcast to that IP and port. If you use for the IP address, the data will be broadcast to the entire network and multiple devices can receive the same data if the boards are using the same port number.  

Setup Menu

·The Entry / Scoring Preferences Menu has an option to display field series Pass, Foul, and Fail marks with the IAAF standard which uses "-" for Pass and "X" for Foul and Fail instead of "P" and "F".  
·In the Divisions Setup, the new 2013 Division names for USATF Youth and AAU Youth have been built in. Using either the old division names or the new ones, both will correctly score the Combined Event 80 Hurdles for Midget Boys and Girls (now named USATF 11-12 Division or AAU 11 Year Old or AAU 12 Year Old) and the 100 Hurdles for Youth Girls (now named USATF 13-14 Division or AAU 13 Year Old or AAU 14 Year Old).  
·The Athlete Preferences Menu has an option to force entering the century for birth date. This is primarily needed for the older athletes in masters meets to speed up data entry.  
·The Directory Preferences has 'Clear All' and 'Set All' buttons added for quick changes to all directory preferences.  
·In Report Preferences, there is an option to display NT for result times that are less than 5 seconds. This is primarily used for cases where there are finish places for the event, but no times were recorded because of a malfunction. By entering times under 5 seconds, such as 1.01, 1.02, 1.03, etc, one can get the finish order correct and not have these fake times displayed in the results.  
·In Report Preferences, there is an option to sort the team combo list box in the add/edit athlete window by team name rather than by team abbreviation.  

Import / Export

·The Semi-Colon Delimited Export of results from the file menu includes the age group in a multi-age group event – not just the overall event range, but the specific age group that an athlete or relay competed in.  
·The Generic Data in MS Access Export of results from the file menu includes the age group in a multi-age group event – not just the overall event range, but the specific age group that an athlete or relay competed in.  

Athlete Menu

·Competitor numbers can optionally be assigned to only athletes that have no competitor number. For this option, athletes with a number already assigned will not be re-assigned and the athletes without a number will be assigned the first available number.  

Events Menu

·The number of lanes for in lane races is increased from 10 to 12 for tracks so configured. Standard and Custom Lane Preferences have been adjusted to handle the 11th and 12th lane.  
·There is a separate text box where you can enter the number of lanes for both a semi-final and a quarter final round. Previously, the number of lanes for quarter finals and semi-finals had to be the same as the first round.  

Purge Options

·A new purge option is one where you can scratch an entire team from one or more sessions. For example, you might have a team that has entered and notifies you the day before the meet that they cannot attend. You can use Scratch Entries Selectively by Team from the File Menu to scratch the entire team from the meet.  

Relays Menu

·At the bottom of the Relays Menu where the athletes competing in the relay are listed, this list now includes the age or school year next to each athlete name.  

Run Menu

·The number of possible heights for the Field Series for the High Jump and Pole Vault has been increased from 19 to 40. If Field Lynx or the Swiss Track & Field Package are used to import the series, up to 40 heights will be imported. In addition, if manually entering or altering the heights using Ctrl-F in the Run Menu, the heights can be added, edited, or deleted in a much easier way. When including the series in a results report, there is only room for 18 heights, so if there are more than 18 heights for a given athlete, only the last 18 heights will be printed.  
·Pressing Ctrl-P from the Run Menu will print the current heat displayed at the bottom of the Run Menu.  
·Pressing Ctrl-T will automatically enter a note for each tie found within the event where the tie can be broken to the thousandths. The note will be the time to the thousandths, such as 11.734. If there is still a tie to the thousandths, the note will show that the two times are identical.  
·Pressing Ctrl-E will allow you to jump to an event number in the Run Menu's event list.  
·The heat number buttons have a new color system. Gray means the heat has entries without results; Green means the heat has results for every lane/position; Red means the heat is the selected heat and has entries without results; Yellow means the heat is the selected heat and all entries in the heat have results.  
·There are dashes added to the heat number for the currently selected heat button to help with seeing what the current heat number is.  

Seeding Menu

·You can Declare athletes within the Declaration Pad using a bar code reader or by simply typing in the competitor number.  
·You can double click an athlete name in the Seed Preview to automatically move them into the next available empty lane / position.  
·In the Scratch Pad, the Declarations Pad, and the Copy Entries Menu, an athlete gender column has been added. This column along with the age / school year column can now be sorted by clicking on the column header.     

CC/RR Module

·CC scores now condense to list all results on one page when total team time is not included with the results.  


·Records can be entered for all sub-events within a Combined Event such as the Decathlon.  


·In the Bar Code Competitor Label menu, you can print a range of bar codes without athlete names or team names. For example, you could print bar codes for numbers 101 through 200.  

Report Features

·In the Scores Report, Team Scores can be broken down by event category in spreadsheet format when Team Points Allocation is selected. The columns are team name, total points, sprint points, distance points, hurdles points, relay points, field event points, and Combined Event points.  
·In Reports / Results, there is new option to print Combined Event Spreadsheets for one or more Combined Events within one report. Previously, these spreadsheets could only be printed one at a time in the Run Menu.  
·In the Exception report, the Check Relay Ages option is expanded to check athlete runner birth dates in Division by Event meets using birth date ranges to verify the birth date falls within the birth date range of the event's division.  
·When listing compiled results in single column from the Run Menu or the Reports Menu, the heat number is shown for distance results just like for events up to 800.  
·In Reports / Results, there is the added option to include Combined Team Scores as well as male and female team scores.  
·Field Event Score Sheets for high jump and pole vault have an option to include a Failures column at the right of each vertical field score sheet for use by IAAF Officials.  
·In the Sessions Report you have the option to include the Event Comments.  
·For the Meet Program and Performance Lists, the division filter now will filter by division if the meet is setup as Divisions by Team or Divisions by Entry.  
·For meets setup as 3+ duals, you can create a report of the dual meet team pairings for scoring. The report is created in Setup / Entry Scoring Preferences / 2 or 3+ Double Dual.