T&F MEET MANAGER for Windows
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License Agreement
Installing MEET MANAGER from a CD
Installing MEET MANAGER using Web Delivery
How to Re-Install MEET MANAGER
How to Setup a Desktop Icon or Shortcut
How to Uninstall MEET MANAGER
How to Give Permissions to Users
System Requirements
Evaluation Edition
Upgrading from MM 3.0 to MM 4.0
MM Product Options
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Getting Started - Overview
Generic Steps in Setting Up Your Meet
Meet Types - Helpful Tips
Meet Administration
Use the Set-up from a Previous Meet
Monitor Size and Resolution
Re-sizing Menus
Short-Cut Icons
Set-up and Preferences
Meet Set-up
Athlete/Relay Preferences
Seeding Preferences
Lane Preferences
Standard Lane Preferences
Standard Alley Preferences
Waterfall Start
Custom Alleys
Seeding Rules
Randomization Rules
Dual Meet Seeding
Report Preferences
Report Formats
Report Headers
Footer Logos
Printer Options
Entry / Scoring Preferences
Scoring / Awards
Entry Limits
Entries / Results
2 or 3+ Double Dual
Age Grading
Field Relays
Entry Conversions
Declare Maximum Entries for an Athlete
Scoring Set-up
Setup Divisions/Region Names
Language Preferences
Directory Preferences
Setup PhotoFinish Interface
Setup Alpha Scoreboard Interface
CC/RR Button Finish Interface
Track Button Finish Interface
Field Event Interface
Options Menu
Customize the Background Picture
Personal Preferences
File Menu
Open a Database
Save As to Create a New Meet from an Existing Meet
Backup a Database
Move an MM Database to Another Computer
Restore a Database
Repair a Database
Purge a Database
Remove Data Selectively
Reset Event Results Only
Reset Event Results and Seeding
Reset Scores
Scratch Entries Selectively by Team
Unzip File
Install Update
Web Browser
Enable / Disable Network Login
Open in Multi-User Mode
Network Administration
License Management
Import Menu
Import Meet Entries
TM Lite for Entries
Import Rosters
Import Merge Entries File
Import Merge Results File
Import Entries from a Semi-Colon Delimited File
Import Rosters from Active.com
Import Records
Import Swimming Rosters
Export Menu
Export Results to TEAM MANAGER
Export Entries for Meet Manager Merge of Same Meet
Export Athletes / Teams / Email
Export Advancers
Export Advancers for Cross Country
Export Results for Meet Manager Merge of Same Meet
Export Entries in Hy-Tek's Semicolon Delimited Format
Export Records
Export Meet Events for TEAM MANAGER
Export Generic Data in MS Access
Export Results in Hy-Tek's Semicolon Delimited Format
Add or Edit Events
Setup Multiple Age Groups Within an Event
Field Events
Setup Meet Entry Fees
Setup Seeding Choices for Each Event
Setup the Number of Lanes / Positions
Advancement Rules
Heat, Section, or Flight Assignment
Lane or Position Placement
Rounds and Heat / Flight Order
Delete an Event
Setup Sessions
Alternate Event Numbers
Setup Combined-Events
Setup Sub-Events in Combined-Events
Event Comments / Sponsors
Setup and Use Records
Update Records
Setup and Use Time/Mark Standards
Athletes Menu
Athlete Menu Shortcut Keys
Add or Edit Athletes
Delete an Athlete
Add or Edit Entries
Contact Information for Athletes
Setup and Use Competitor Numbers
Enter Athletes in a Meet
Delete an Entry
Scratch an Athlete or Relay from an Event
Declare Alternates
Declare Foreign Athletes
Declare Unattached Athletes
Automatically Age-Up Athletes
Relays Menu
Add a Relay
Delete a Relay
Enter Relay Names
Add or Edit a Team
Delete a Team
Enter Coach Names for a Team
Seeding Menu
Seeding Basics
Seeding Tips
Notes on Re-Seeding
Seeding Process
Preview / Adjust Seeding
Scratch Pad
Declaration Pad
Scratch Back
Scratch Forward
Copy Entries
Combine Entries Between Two Events
Consolidate a Meet
Seeding How To's
Seeding Prelims and One Round Events
Seeding the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th Round
Seeding Combined-Events
Seeding a Random Select Meet
Seed Exhibition Athletes Last
Manually Seed an Entry (Individual or Relay)
Run the Meet Menu
About the Run the Meet Screen
Event List Window
Records Window
Team Scores Window
Heat Window
Run the Meet Menu Bar
Run Screen Options Bar
Session F7 Selection
Refresh Ctrl-D Selection
Adjust F8 Selection
Advancement Formula F9 Selection
Relay Names Ctrl-R Selection
Awards Ctrl-A Selection
JD Ctrl-J Selection
Unseeded F2 Selection
Get Times/Marks F3 Selection
Field Series Ctrl-F Selection
List Ctrl-L and Score Ctrl-S Selection
Re-Rank and Re-Score Selection
Previous Event Ctrl-F4 and Next Event Ctrl-F5 Selection
Run Menu Shortcut Keys
Enter Results for the Meet
Add an Additional Heat/Flight
Add Late Entries
Delete an Empty Heat/Flight
Declare an Exhibition Result (Individual or Relay)
Enter Wind Readings
Result Notes
Combine Heats/Flights Within an Event
Re-Score Events
Combine Results from Two Events
Run Menu Preferences
Award Labels Preferences
Results for List and Score Preferences
Team Scores on Run Menu Preferences
Web Real-Time Preferences
How To Run Meets
Run a Finals Only Meet
Run a Cross Country or Road Race Meet
Run an Invitational Meet
Run a Combined-Event Meet
Run a Dual Meet
Run a Double Dual Meet
Run an Un-Seeded Meet (All Comers)
Run a Disability Meet
Reports Menu
Preview Reports
Report Exports
Memorized Reports
Administrative Report
Events Report
Teams Report
Athlete Roster Report
Sessions Report
Combined-Event Tables
Generic Reports
Records Report
Time/Mark Standards Report
Entry Lists Report
Meet Check-In Report
Warm-Up Report
Performance List
Meet Program Report
Finish Line Sheets
Field Event Score Sheets
Lap Counter Sheets
Results Report
Results Indicators
Export Results in AP News Format
Export Results in Flat HTML Format
Scores Report
Meet Summary Report
Exceptions Report
Medal Count Report
Export / Import Files Report
Labels Menu
Award Labels
Entry Card / Tag Labels
Competitor or Mailing or Registration Labels
Bar Code Competitor Label
Check for Updates
Pro Option
Logon the Network
Setup a Network
Setup Network Administration
Network Operation
Run a Meet using a Network
Real-Time Results Setup
Log-In Menu
Settings Menu
How To Export Real-Time Results During the Meet
Alpha Scoreboard Interface
Daktronics Scoreboard Interface
Full Matrix Scoreboard
Fixed Digit Scoreboard
Small Matrix Scoreboard
Fairtron Scoreboard Interface
Generic Scoreboard Interface
ResulTV from Lynx Developers
Button Finish Interfaces
CC/RR Button Interface
CC/RR Button Timers Utilizing RS232 Cables
CC/RR Timers Sharing Files
Track Button Interface
Field Event Interface
FieldLynx Interface
Swiss Track & Field Package
Photo Finish Interfaces
FinishLynx Interface
Serial Connection Setup
File Sharing Setup
Getting Results from FinishLynx
Omega Hawk Eye Interface
Omega Star File Sharing
MacFinish Interface
Eagle Eye Interface
Flash Timing Interface
Serial Cables
USB to Serial Adaptor
Sales Office
Tech Support
Hy-Tek Products
TEAM MANAGER for Track & Field
Glossary of Terms
Age Grading
Back Button
Browse Buttons
Check Box
Contents Button
Conversion Formula
Drop Down List
Dual Meet
Dynamic Scoring
Field Events
List Box
Main Menu Bar
Measurement Method
Meet Entry
Meet Program
Pop Up
Preliminary Heats
Radio Button
Release Notes
Running Events
Scroll Bars
Search Button
Timed Final Heats
Time/Mark Standard or Cut

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