Combine Results from Two Events
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From the Run Menu, click on Combine, press Alt-B, or click the Combine icon icon-records to Combine Results from two events. Both events must be in the first round and must be the same distance and gender. This could be used in meets where the best 6 heats are run in say event 1 in the morning and the remaining 7 heats in the afternoon in event 101. The results of event 101 could then be combined into event 1 where the heats from event 101 are changed to heats 7-13 in event 1. When the events are combined in this example, event 1 is re-ranked and if a one round final, re-scored. If the event is a Prelim round, then the combined event could be seeded for finals or semis, or quarters.

Combining is only permitted for events that have the first round completed. This could be prelims for a multi-round event or the finals of a one round event.

After clicking the
Combine icon, enter the Source event number and the Target event number and then choose whether or not you want MM to delete the results of the Source event.


Note that you have the choice to delete or not delete the results from the Source event after combining the results.

Another use of the Combine Results is to combine two Divisions to see what the result would be. One event might be a AAA event and the other a AAAA event. Often times in Cross Country this is desired.