Declaration Pad
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There are two methods for handling how entries are selected for seeding:

_bm4 The Scratch Method  
_bm4 The Declaration Method  

The Scratch Method assumes every entry is part of the meet unless
The Declaration Method assumes no one is in the meet until he or she is declared for his or her event. It is very important to understand the difference. Under the declaration method, you use the Declaration Pad or Declarations by Team to declare each entry as either declared (D), scratched (S), alive (A), or undetermined (blank). When seeding using the Declaration mode, only those who have been declared will be included in the seeded heats and flights. You can use the A to mean anything you want. Under the scratch method, all entries are included for seeding except those that have been scratched, regardless of whether they have been declared or not. You use the Scratch Pad to scratch those individuals and relays that will not compete in a given event. You can also use the Declaration Pad to scratch athletes and relays under both the scratch method and the declaration method. However, if you are using the declaration method, and use the Scratch Pad to scratch a declared athlete, he or she will still have a declared status for the particular event, but will not be included in the seeding.

Changing from the Scratch Method to the Declaration Method: From the Main Menu, go to the Set-Up Menu, then to Entry/Scoring Preferences, then to Entries/Results, and then check the box "Use Entry Declaration Method."

There are several methods for Declaring entries:

·From the Seeding Menu, select one event and click the Declarations / Declaration Pad or Declarations by Team. All entries will be listed and you can enter D, S, A, or a space for each entry.  
·Note: To edit a seed mark, click on the Mark and enter a time if a running event, a distance in metric or English if a field event, and a points total if a Combined Event.  
·Note: To edit an entry Note, click on the appropriate row in the Note column and type in a note such as "Altitude Time".  
·To quickly Declare entries, you can click on the Declare using Competitor Numbers text box and use a bar code reader to read competitor numbers from bar codes. You can also type the competitor number into the text box.