Event List Window
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The Event List window is the upper left window of the Run the Meet Menu and displays a set of events.
·This list defaults to being the entire event list in numerical order.  
·If a session is selected, the list will contain the events setup for the session from Events / Sessions. The session order does not have to be in numerical order. In the example below, Session 7 has been selected. To select a session, click the Sessions button or press F7.  
·The event round is shown in the Rnd column.  
·The number of heats/flights for each event is shown in the HTs column.  
·As results are entered, the status for each event is updated. The status can be Un-Seeded, Seeded, Done, or Scored.  
·The event list grid keeps a running total of the number of No Shows and DQs for each event.