Setup the Number of Lanes / Positions
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Click Events from the Main Menu Bar and click Add or Edit Event.

Each event has its own setting for the number of lanes/positions for prelims, qtrs, semis, and one round events (lower left panel of add/edit screen) and for the number of lanes/positions for finals if 2+ rounds (lower right panel of add/edit screen). For events run entirely in lanes (such as the 100) and when using
Standard Lanes or Custom lanes, the number of lanes is limited to 1 to 10. For all other running events, set the number of lanes to the maximum number you want in a flight, typically 12 to 24. For field events, set the number to what you think is the largest size flight that can be handled by the officials. The actual flight size can be changed when you seed and see how many entries are actually in the event. Typically for the high jump and pole vault there is only one flight so you can set that size to 30 or so depending how many entries you expect.

Global Change of Lanes/Positions
If you find out that you or someone else has specified the wrong number of lanes/positions for a round, you can quickly correct them by clicking on
Set-up from the Main Menu Bar and then Options, then Global and enter the correct number of lanes for the Prelim or Final round. MM will then change the number of lanes for all event.