Export Entries for Meet Manager Merge of Same Meet
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Click File / Export / Entries for Meet Manager Merge of Same Meet to export entries to be imported by another MM Database. You would use this option if more than one computer was being used for data entry for your upcoming meet. Computer B and computer C would export their entries to a diskette and take those diskettes to the Master computer A for an import merge.

The merge entries technique is also handy for Dual meets where both teams have MM and the other team can pre-assign heat/flight positions. The export allows for including the heat and lane/position.

The Export Menu has the following options:
·You may filter this export to include only results from a particular Team, Division, or Region.  
·You may filter this export by gender to include Males Only, Females Only, or Both.  
·You may include Relays with or without their Athletes or just No Relays.  
·You may click the Include Heat and Lane check box if you are assigning heat/flight positions for a dual meet.  
·You may click the Include Notes check box to have entry notes included in the merge file.  
·You may click the Include Addresses check box if you wish to include athlete addresses with the result file.  

The result of this Export will be a standard HY-TEK .TCL Entries File. If the export is for just one team, the team name will be included in the exported file name.