Getting Results from FinishLynx
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The following information describes how to receive race results from the FinishLynx system. Regardless of the method chosen for HY-TEK and FinishLynx to communicate, the operation is basically the same.

In the serial mode, results are received from FinishLynx and saved as a result file by MM regardless of the menu displayed on the MM screen. You can be entering field event results and it will not matter what FinishLynx is doing because the results will be saved by MM in "background". However, if you are in RS232 mode, and you exit from MM, the results sent by FinishLynx during that time will not be captured and you will have to tell the FinishLynx operator to re-send (not re-read the picture) the results for those races that occurred while you were out of MM. In the network file sharing mode, MM does not even have to be running because FinishLynx is creating the result files and saving them in the shared data folder. However, for start lists to be updated, MM would have to be running.

Results from FinishLynx

In the Run Menu, you select an event, round, and heat so that it is displayed on the screen. Then you click Get Times or press F3 to have results instantly entered on screen and into the database. If there are discrepancies between the results file and what MM expects, you will be immediately notified of all discrepancies and given the opportunity to make corrections. After making corrections, like adding an extra competitor to the heat, click Get Times again. Then click the next heat button (F5) and then click Get Times to get the next heat's results. If you press Ctrl-F3, the actual contents of the FinishLynx results file will be displayed.

If FinishLynx is set to send thousandths, MM will store the thousandths and use them to automatically break ties.  

If you are in the network file sharing mode and make changes to a heat by switching two runners, be sure to press Ctrl-U in the Run Menu to update the start lists. If you seed or re-seed an event, the Ctrl-U function can be pressed in the Seeding Menu, but is not necessary if you exit the Seeding Menu because the start lists are automatically updated.

If splits are contained in the FinishLynx .lif result files, the splits will b read into the database. For results reports and the real time results to the web, there is an option to include the splits or not.