Purge a Database
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You may want to Purge all or part of your Database for the following situations:

1.This year's meet is exactly like last year's meet including most of the athletes and teams. So you might want to purge last year's Entries/Results ONLY and change the meet name and meet date.  
2.You want to Purge your old "records" and Import in your new ones.  
3.You want to purge the Athletes but keep the events and teams from a previous Database.  
4.Your meet has been completed, and you want to purge the Interface Files that have been stored on your hard drive from Photo Finish Interface.  
5.Suppose you were "learning" how to use MM and actually ran some events and put in some results. You may want to "reset" those events before you actually run the meet.  
6.A team competes in the preliminaries in the morning, but the whole team has to catch a flight and will miss the finals. In this case you may want to scratch the whole team from finals before seeding.  


Please Note: These operations are NOT reversible so HY-TEK recommends you make a backup of your current Database before you begin any purge process.