Setup a Network
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How to Setup Network Administration
How to Logon the Network

MEET MANAGER for Track & Field with the Pro Network option allows you to access a shared database from multiple computers. The Pro option includes the Network feature as well as the capability to Export Real-Time Results to a web site.

MM Pro supports the standard Windows peer-to-peer network configuration. In this type of network configuration, each computer is connected to a central device called a "hub". The shared MM Database is loaded on one of the computers so that any of the other computers can access it directly.

For example, suppose we have 4 computers connected to a hub. For the purposes of this discussion, let's name these computers A, B, C, and D and let's load the MM Database on Computer A.
·The HY-TEK MM product software would be installed on all 4 computers on the hard drive C.  
·The folder on the A computer where the database is located must be given full read/write permissions. To give a folder full read/write permission, use My Computer or Windows Explorer to right click on the database folder (usually c:\tfmeets5) and then click Sharing. In the Sharing Menu, check the box to Share this folder on the network and check the box that says Allow network users to change my files. You may also give a Share Name to the folder which defaults to the actual folder name. Rather than just share the database folder, you can also share the entire C Drive by right clicking on Local Disk (C:).  

The first step is to actually setup the hardware and software for your Network.

Hardware that you will need
Example of network component vendors are 3Com, Kingston, and D-Link. Internet sites that you can order from are and

·100 Base TX Hub. The cost for a 5 Port Hub would be about $49.00.  
·Most desktop computers come with a network card built in. But if yours does not, you can purchase a 10/100 Base computer network card for each desktop computer - Cost about $25.00.  
·Most notebook computers come with a network card built in. But if yours does not, you can purchase a 10/100 PCMCIA Card for each notebook computer - Cost about $49.00.  
·10/100 Base TX cable from each computer to the hub. The cables will connect to an RJ-45 connector in the hub and into each computer's network card. The cost is about $10.00 for 25 feet of cable. Or, you can use a wireless setup with the appropriate Network cards and hub.  

So for a 4 computer system network, the
hardware cost would be under $200.00

Software Required
The peer-to-peer network software is included with your Windows 95, 98, 2000, NT, or XP Operating System. Please follow the appropriate instructions for setting up your particular network system as well as the software drivers included with the network card installed on each computer.

Continuing with our example, let's assume that the hard drive on Computer A is the one that is shared. On Computer A, you would start
MM and click on File / Open, select your local Drive C, and select the database which is probably in c:\tfmeets5. Now the MM Log-in window appears and you select one of the nine user levels such as Administrator and click Multi-User at the bottom. When you start up MM on Computer B, click on File / Open, select the mapped drive from computer A (let's assume computer B sees computer A's hard drive as the F Drive) and open the database found in f:\tfmeets5. The Log-in screen now appears and it shows you that the Admin user is logged-on. You select a user level such as Run 1 and click Ok. Now computers A and B are accessing the SAME INFORMATION contained on the hard drive on Computer A. Do the same for computers C and D.

Please note that under the Windows peer-to-peer network configuration, devices like
Printers may also be shared. In the example above, for best performance, HY-TEK recommends running the meet from Computer A and then printing Results and other information from one of the other computers in the network that is not interfacing with photo finish or scoreboard. This reduces the load on the CPU and operator on computer A.

MM with the Pro option provides a complete suite of Network Administration features. Please click Here to find out how to setup the Logon/User ID choices, optional passwords, and permission levels for your system.