Network Operation
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Here is an example of how you might setup the computers and printers on the network to run a typical meet.

Administrator Computer - This would be set up as the main computer that would be used to key in the marks/times or accept them from the Photo Finish Interface just as one would normally do. You might want to set up a local printer for this computer. The Database would be loaded on this computer.  
Run 1 Computer - This computer would enter field event results.  
Clerk 1 Computer - This computer would be set up in the clerking area to do any scratches or re seeding depending on how your particular meet is run. It could also be used to print various reports.  
Report 1 Computer - This computer could be used as the main Report computer for results, heat sheets, award labels, etc.  
Report 2 Computer - This computer might be in the media area so that the media could generate whatever reports they might need.  

Database Refresh

When running In Multi-User mode, there are two places in MM where you must be concerned with "refreshing" your data with the latest changes made by another user. Those two places are the Run Menu and the Seeding Menu.
Your concern in the Run Menu is when two or more users are working on the same event at the same time. If you have heat 2 of event 9 on your screen and another user enters results for heat 2 of event 9, you will NOT see the data until you click the Database Refresh button located at the far right of the middle row of buttons. The entire event also gets refreshed if you go to another event and come back to the original event. Your concern in the Seeding Menu is mainly when two users are clerking at the same time. Before making changes to a given event, you must use the Database Refresh button located at the top left to refresh the status of the event list. The Database Refresh in the Run Menu refreshes the status for all events shown on the Run screen, not just the active event.

Trouble-Shooting Tips
1.If one or more of the users gets disconnected from the network, the log-on file does not get updated and the Admin cannot log-on in Single User mode. In that case, the Admin can Click File / Network Administration and check the box to "Remove all logged in users except Admin".  
2.If the database cannot be opened for some reason, the Admin can select File / Repair Database and repair the unopened database file.  
3.If the initial log-on screen prevents one from getting to the Main Menu, use Alt-Ctrl-Delete to End Task and then delete tfmeetdb.mem from c:\hy-sport\MM. Then trying starting MM again.