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This New Features List is based on MEET MANAGER 4.0Bo which is the last planned version of the 4.0 release series.

Database Conversion

·If MM 5.0 attempts to open an MM 2.0 database, the database will be automatically converted to the MM 5.0 structure. MM 5.0 databases are interchangeable with MM 4.0 and MM 3.0 databases, but when opening with MM 3.0 or MM 4.0, the features that come with MM 5.0 will of course not be available.  
·MM 2.0 versions will not be able to open an MM 5.0 database. The work around for MM 2.0 users is to install the Free MM 5.0 Demo and use the Demo to view the data, create reports, and create needed export files. The ACTIVE Network Demo for MM 5.0 can be downloaded from the HY-TEK web site at:  

New Features

Meet Mobile
·Meet Mobile is a new app created by the Active Network which installs on Apple and Android devices. The Meet Mobile app receives data live from ACTIVE/Hy-Tek's MEET MANAGER 5.0.  
·Meet Mobile transforms the Track & Field meet experience for fans, athletes, and coaches by providing up to date information and results.  
·The app contains teams, athlete rosters, performance lists, heat sheets (if the TFMM host uploads them), results with field series, wind readings, team scores, Combined Event rankings (such as decathlon), Cross Country team scores, and Field Event Relay team scoring.  
·For meets uploading to Meet Mobile, you can get a list of meets within 100 miles of your location.  
·Select Favorite Athletes and get a list of all Meet Mobile meets your favorite athlete's are in or have been in along with seeing the results.  
·Results are uploaded heat by heat and flight by flight so everyone can see the rankings as they progress.  
·Results include the entry mark, the result mark, wind readings, and the field series if there is a series available.  
·For Combined Events such as Decathlon, point totals are available as the event is ongoing showing total points and rankings after the third sub-event out of ten for example.  
·For Cross Country meets, besides individual rankings, team scores can be viewed.  
·For Field Event relays, team totals and rankings can be viewed.  
·For Veterans and Masters meets, age grading can be viewed.  
·For each event, you can view records and mark standards.  
·Under the teams section, you can see a list of athletes for each team and for each athlete, you can view the athlete's entries and results.  

Cross Country NCAA Results Export

·Support for the new NCAA required export format for Cross Country meets has been implemented under File / Export / Results for NCAA Cross Country. A window appears that allows you to login to your TFRRS account. After a successful login, your meets that have been registered in TFRRS will be listed. You then select the correct meet, select the desired Cross Country events from the event list below the meet list, and click Upload Results. If your results were entered into the CC/RR Module, you must first update those results to copy them to the standard Run Menu results. After updating, you must then Click the Score button for each Cross Country event in the Run Menu before exporting the results to TFRRS.  

Officials DQ Tracking
·An Officials Menu has been added under the Setup Menu where the names of the officials can be added.  
·When creating a DQ Summary report from the Meet Summary Reports Menu, the official's name is included with the DQ.  
·A new report named 'DQ by Official' is added to the Meet Summary Report. This report lists each official alphabetically and after each official's name is a list of entries disqualified by the official.  
·Officials first and last names and email can be imported into the Official's Menu using a csv file with a specified format.  

Run Menu
·When entering results for the Field Series in the high jump and pole vault, you can now enter the heights in English.  
·The event list at the upper left has three new columns for the number of DQs, No Shows and DNFs in each event. The columns are titled DQ, DNS and DNF.  
·Right clicking on the DQ checkbox in the heats section will allow you to pick the name of the official making the DQ call.  
·There is a new button to the right of the heat buttons which will add a heat just like Ctrl-H does.  
·For CC/RR events, there is a new option in Setup / Entry/Scoring Preferences / Entries/Results to round up to the nearest second for reports to match the option in the CC/RR module.  
·In the Run Menu's Heat grid, the Result Note is shown with each entry.  
·Records for Combined Event sub events are now displayed in Records section at the upper right.  
·The Get Times/Marks and Score buttons have been shaded with a color for better visibility since these three buttons are used so often.  
·The result column in the heat grid now has a blue font and the column header is bold blue for easier visibility in sunlight.  

Seeding Menu

·In the Scratch Pad, you can add entries by name rather than only by competitor number.  
·In the Scratch Pad, the entry notes are now shown with each entry and each note can be edited by clicking the cell.  
·When Previewing Seeding from the Seeding Menu, you can now change the number of lanes / positions for the event the same as Ctrl-I does from the Run Menu.  
·From the Seeding Menu, the menu selections at the top now allow you to quickly go to the Session, Athlete, and Team reports.      

Setup Menu

·The Entry / Scoring Preferences Menu has an option pertaining to the field series to replace Pass with "-" and Foul with "X". Previously this only worked for vertical events and now this applies to horizontal events too.  
·In the Meet Setup, it is now required to enter the facility city, state, zip, and country. There is also space to enter the facility street address. This is primarily needed for Meet Mobile to be able to list meets scheduled within 100 miles of the mobile device.  
·From the Options Menu, you can now optionally change the number of lanes for in lane races by session rather than for the whole meet.  
·The two Meet Name Headers have been increased to a 75 character maximum from 45.  
·A warning is given if in Report Preferences under Report Formats you select Age Grading to be shown when the meet is not setup as a Veterans meet. The warning will indicate that age grading will not display correctly.  

Age Grading

·WMA Age Grading tables have been updated with the new 2014 factors.These tables include factors for the standard track & field events as well as the long distance running event factors. One year age grading has been phased out.  

Relays Menu

·In the Relay Names Menu accessed from the Run Menu, there is a Next and Previous button to allow scrolling through the heats within the event rather than selecting one heat at a time.  
·In the Relays Menu and in the Relay Names Menu from Run, exhibition athletes are shown with an "x" in front of their name to help in determining whether a relay should be exhibition or not. This is independent of whether the Report Preference to show the athlete status is checked or not.  

Import / Export

·When merging results for one or more events from one database to another at the same meet, the field series with all attempts and all wind readings is now included in the merge.  
·When exporting entries, results or rosters for one team, the team name is now included in the export file.   

Athlete Menu

·An entry tally for individual and relay entries is now shown in the caption of the Entries Grid and updated as entries are added. The entry totals are also shown in the caption of the Entries Grid header in the Edit Athlete window.  
·When adding athletes, you can check a box named Retain Status and as you add athletes, it will keep the athlete status setting such as "exhibition" instead of resetting it to "Normal". This is useful when you are adding a series of exhibition, foreign, or disabled athletes.  

Events Menu

·When creating a Road Race event, you can enter zero for the number of runners for scoring teams in the case where there is no team scoring.  


·The ClassFive Timer has been added to the timer list for track races and Cross Country races.  


·There is a new option in the Records Menu which allows specific record tags to be broken regardless of the wind reading. An example might be a meet record that is designated as ignoring a highly favorable wind reading.  


·The Sessions Menu has an option to add up to a 50 character note at any point in the session to describe special information such as a 10 minute break. The note will be listed in the Session Report in front of the event it is assigned to.  

Report Features

·In Athlete Reports, there is a new Age Group Statistics Report that breaks down by gender how many athletes are in each age group, how many entries are in each age group and how many relay only athletes there are. The age groups can be either the actual age groups used in events or single year age groups.  
·From the Scores Report, if only one event is selected, the report puts the event name at the top of the report.  
·There is a new report in the Meet Summary Report which lists every entry note added to entries from within the Athlete Menu or the Scratch Pad.  
·There is a new report in the Meet Summary Report which lists every result note added to results from within the Run Menu.  
·There is a new wind readings statistics report in the Meet Summary Report which shows the wind reading range, the average wind, and how many wind readings were missed for each event. For LJ and TJ, there is a separate set of statistics for each flight.  
·In the Meet Summary reports, wind readings for all rounds are now included.  
·For the Performance List Report, the total entry count for a given event is listed at the top of the report in parenthesis with the event name. This is most useful if Team Split, Multi-Age Split or Show Ranks has been checked.  
·When listing event results that are not complete, entries with "No Data" are sorted by seed mark.  
·The Medal Count Report now includes an option to breakdown the count by individual events versus relay events.  
·For horizontal field event score sheets, the fifth column to enter the place after five attempts has been eliminated as per new IAAF rules.