Pro Option
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The Pro Option provides two features - multi-user capabilities and real-time results to the web. This permits up to nine computes to "share" one database and permits the instant upload of HTML pages to your website.

A very real scenario might be six computers set up as follows:
1.Track results computer at the photo finish area  
2.Field events results computer in a nearby area.  
3.Clerking and seeding computer at the far end of the stadium  
4.Real-time web results computer in the photo finish area  
5.Report and label printing computer in the photo copy room  
6.Reports only computer in the media area  

Multi-User Network Option

In this type of network configuration, each computer is connected to a central device called a "hub". The shared MM Database is loaded on one of the computers (which we will call the server) so that any of the other computers can access the data directly from the server. For example, suppose we have 4 computers connected to a hub. For the purposes of this discussion, let's name these computers, A, B, C, and D and let's load the MM Database on Computer A. The HY-TEK MM product software would be installed on each of the 4 computers on their local hard drive C. The B, C, and D computers would be "mapped" to be able to "see" the database on computer A.

The first step is to setup the hardware and software for your Network.

How to Setup a Network

Operational Requirements

When using MM Pro, you can logon as the Admin and optionally set up passwords for all four Levels of access as shown below. Only the logged on User Name of Admin can perform Network Administration and setup or change the passwords for the Database that is currently opened.

LevelUser Name      Permissions  

1Administrator      No restrictions at all.  
2Run1, Run2, Run3      This level can do everything except Network Administration and Single User Mode functions.  
3Clerk 1, Clerk 2      This level can do everything Level 2 can do, except Run the meet.  
4Report 1, 2, & 3      Level 4 can print Reports/Labels ONLY  

How to Setup Network Administration

How to Logon the Network

Network Operation

Export Real-Time Results to the Web

Along with the Network option, the Real-Time Results to the Web optional feature is part of the HY-TEK MM with the Pro option. This export feature is very powerful and complete and provides the capability to send an index page, initial default result pages for each event, actual result pages, the last heat completed, and the last event completed to a web site during the meet as the meet progresses.

How To Export Real-Time Results to the Web