Notes on Re-Seeding
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1.You may Re-Seed the current round of an event as many times as you wish. Once a round is completed, that round cannot be re-seeded. For example if the Prelims for a Prelims/Finals event have been completed, you cannot re-seed Prelims. You can only seed round 2 - the Finals.  
2.Re-seeding does not erase any results previously entered.  
3.If athletes have been scratched, those scratched athletes will not be included in the re-seed.  
4.To make changes to a prior round, you must use the Run Menu to make the changes, however, caution is advised.  
5.To change an advancement formula after seeding, go to the Run Menu and click Advancement Formula.  
6.To start an event over, go to File / Purge and select Reset Event Results and Seeding or select just Event Results.  
7.If a few new entries are received after seeding, consider using the Preview/Adjust Menu to drag and drop new entries into open lanes, to switch lanes for two entries, or to move an entry from one lane into another open lane.  
8.In a "Random Select" meet, re-seeding the first round will delete all entries for the event being re-seeded and then re-create the computer generated athlete entries based on how many entries each team gets for the event.