ResulTV from Lynx Developers
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ResulTVby Lynx Developers is a user configurable Windows data display program that can accept data from MEET MANAGER's Scoreboard Interface and convert the data to be shown on any type video board such as Diamond Vision, on a TV, or for use by a projection system. It can be used as a means of producing graphics for television without the need for a Chyron graphics generator.


Data is exchanged between the HY-TEK computer and the ResulTV™ computer thru a serial cable connected to the COM ports on each computer. The ResultTV software has scripts built in to accept the Daktronics Fixed Digit format for data. So, in MM, click on Set-up from the Main Menu Bar, then click on Alpha Scoreboard Interface and select Daktronics Fixed Digit. Next go to the Run Menu and click on Interfaces / Scoreboard Daktonics Fixed Digit / Open/Close Serial Port and enter the COM port number that the serial cable is connected to on the MM computer. For information on how to send data from MM using the Fixed Digit format, see the section on the Daktronics Fixed Digit format. For information on how to select the scripts within ResultTV, consult the ResultTV manual.