Run a Double Dual Meet
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A Double Dual Meet is a One Round Meet in which three or more teams compete, each competing against the other in multiple dual meet pairings.
For example, if there are 3 teams in the meet, Team scores would be computed as if there were 3 dual meets for each gender.

      Men Team 1 versus Team 2      Women Team 1 versus Team 2
      Men Team 1 versus Team 3      Women Team 1 versus Team 3
      Men Team 2 versus Team 3      Women Team 2 versus Team 3

To set up a Double Dual meet, select 3+ Team Dual as the Meet Style from the Meet Set-up menu. Then, when you go to Set-up and select Entry/Scoring Preferences, click on the "Pick Teams" button on the bottom right of the screen and select the team pairings for the meet. If there are 3 teams in the meet, then there are 3 possible Men's pairings and 3 possible Women's pairings.

While you are running the meet from the Run Screen,
MM will display these pairings on the screen. When you click on the Ctrl-S button, MM will update the team scores for each of these pairings right on the screen!

You can print Team Scores for all pairing combinations right from the
Scores Report. Please keep in mind that the Double Dual Team Scoring will not include events that have been specified to NOT Score. Whether to score an event is specified in the Events Screen.

For Cross Country: Double dual meets for Cross Country and Road Races must be scored from the CC/RR module. Regular CC/RR races can be scored from the Run Menu, but double duals cannot. The CC/RR module will use the team pairs you select from Set-up / Entry/Scoring Preferences.