Run an Invitational Meet
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A typical Invitational Meet is a meet that has more than one round. For example, a typical Invitational meet will have 2 to 3 rounds for most short races, 1 or 2 rounds for longer races, and 1 round for field events.

Setting up an Invitational meet is very straightforward using MM. As you set up each event from the
Events Menu, declare the number of rounds that will be held and how many heats/flight you will be running in subsequent round(s).

When you are running an Invitational meet, it is important to set up
Sessions so that you may group what events and what round for each event are being held. For example, Session 1 may be held in the morning with Prelim events and then Session 2 for Finals are held in the late afternoon or evening. By setting up Sessions, you will be able to include start times for each event. It will also give you an opportunity to simplify the seeding and running of the meet. For example, after Session 1 has been completed and you do any scratches for Finals, then go to the Seeding screen, click on Session 2, select all events, and then click on Seeding. Then print the Meet Program for Session 2. That way, you do not have to "remember" which events are being held when. They are already "set up" before the meet starts.

After you complete Prelims and seed for Semis or Finals, you can include the Prelim Results with your Meet Program for the next round. Just click on the check box marked "
Prior Round Results".

After the meet has been completed, you can print Meet results for a Session or all Sessions, any round or all rounds
in Publication Order or Event Number Order. MM will take care of grouping each round's results together. Click on the "Prior Round Results" check box for Single column format to include all rounds for each athlete that competed in multiple rounds.