Run Screen Options Bar
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The Run Screen Options Bar provides a great deal of flexibility over running the meet. The following two sets of 8 buttons each would actually be in one row left to right in the middle of the screen just above the listed heat. The Get Times/Marks and Score buttons have been shaded with a color for better visibility since these three buttons are used so often. To see the buttons as they would appear in the Run the Meet Menu, click Here.




The third set of buttons above is the Heat Buttons row which is just above the Options Bar button and indicates how many heats are in the event and allows you to jump from one heat to any other heat very quickly by simply clicking one of the heat numbered buttons. To get to the next heat, click the right arrow or press F5. To get to the previous heat, click the left arrow or press F4. The heat buttons have color system. Gray means the heat has entries without results; Green
means the heat has results for every lane/position; Red means the heat is the selected heat and has entries without results; Yellow means the heat is the selected heat and all entries in the heat have results. There are dashes added to the heat number for the currently selected heat button to help with seeing what the current heat number is. In the example above, heats 1 and 2 are completed, heats 3 and 4 are not completed and the current heat is heat 3. In the buttons below, the same event heat buttons are shown with heat 2 selected. Because heat 2 is completed and is the current heat shown in the Run Menu, it is yellow.
To add a new empty heat or flight, you can click the + button to the right or press Ctrl-H. In the above example, clicking the + button will add a heat 5.

Session F7 Selection
Refresh Ctrl-D Selection
Adjust F8 Selection
Advancement Formula F9 Selection
Relay Names Ctrl-R Selection
Awards Ctrl-A Selection
JD Ctrl-J Selection
Unseeded F2 Selection
Get Times/Marks F3 Selection
Field Series Ctrl-F Selection
List Ctrl-L Selection
Score Ctrl-S Selection
Re-Rank Selection
Re-Score Selection
Previous Event Ctrl-F4 Selection
Next Event Ctrl-F5 Selection