Save As to Create a New Meet from an Existing Meet
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If you are ready to setup a new meet but have previously run that meet or a similar type meet, you may want to follow these instructions to minimize the amount of setup you will have to do for your new meet.

1. Start
and open the previous meet.

2. Click on
File then Save As. In the File Name text box, type in the name you want for the next meet and then click Open. A copy of the previous database will be made and renamed and opened. You will see the new database name at the top of the Main screen.

3. Now click on
File then Purge then Remove Data Selectively and pick the items you wish to delete. Usually you would click on Teams to remove everything except the events. Please refer to the Purge section for details on what may be purged.

4. After purging, click on
Set-up then Meet Set-up and change the name and dates for your meet as well as any other parameters that are different.

Using this procedure, you will always have your meets saved on your Hard Drive as well as on a diskette and you will minimize the amount of time and effort required to set up a new meet.

This is a great way for setting up dual meets for your College or High School season.