Seeding Prelims and One Round Events
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The seeding procedure for seeding round one will vary for each event depending on the type of event and how it was set-up. For running events the methods will vary depending on whether the event is run entirely in lanes or not and whether the event is one round or not. In all cases, before seeding an event, you can use the Scratch Pad to quickly scratch no shows and alternates. Then, just before actual seeding and if you have checked the "Ask Questions" check box, you can make a few last second changes to how the event will be seeded based on the actual number of entries in the event.

If you have "Ask Questions" checked, depending on the event to be seeded, the following may be asked right before seeding:
1.How many heats/flights for the next round?  
2.What advancement formula should be used?  
3.Seed 1st round by Place and Time or Time only?  
4.Change the Randomization Rule?  

In one round events only, you will have the option to pick break points. This means you can pick where you want flights and heats to be divided. Immediately after seeding an event, you can preview the heats, sections, or flights and make adjustments by switching athlete/relay lanes/positions or by moving them to open lanes/positions. You can click
Team Split
to keep athletes from the same team/school from being in the same heat. You use Meet Program in the Reports Menu to print program heat sheets and Finish Line Sheets to print the finish line heat sheets; and Field Event Score Sheets to print the field event score sheets. Note that at any time after seeding, you can manually adjust the seeding by using the Preview or Adjust button in the Seeding Menu or by clicking Adjust while in the Run Menu.