Seeding a Random Select Meet
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A Random Select meet is one where each team is given a certain number of entries for each event and those entries are randomly seeded in each event. There are no rosters or names entered ahead of time, just the team names. When creating heats and flights from the Seed Menu, "phantom" athlete names for each team will be created. For example, in female event 12, if each team gets 3 entries, the HURR team will have 3 athlete names created as follows: F1 012-HURR, F2 012-HURR, and F3 012-HURR. At any time those "phantom" names can be replaced with real names. If the event is a relay and there are 2 relays per team, HURR "A" and HURR "B" will be added to the event when it is seeded. "Random Select" requires that you enter teams and that you do not use the "Declaration Method" for entries.

When running a
"Random Select" meet, there are no athletes in the database to start out. Only the teams/schools are entered. For each event, each team is permitted a certain number of entries. You set this number for each event by entering a number from 2 to 8 in the "# of Runners" text box found in the Edit Event Menu. To convert to a Random Select meet, go to Set-up / Seeding Preferences. Check "Use special Random Select Method for Seeding".

Use the Seeding Menu to automatically create fictitious names for athletes and to seed the event. If you have entered 3 for number of runners (entries) in a particular event, and there are 6 teams, 18 entries will be created and they will be randomly seeded just like in any other event. If you do not want more than one entry from the same team/school in the same heat, in the
Seeding Menu, click Preview / Adjust, then click Auto Team Split for an automatic team split. Because there are no athletes or relays in the database when you start out, the seeding creates unique athlete names such as F1 012-HURR which means female athlete 1 for the HURR team in event 12. At any time, the "created" name can be replaced with the real name by editing the fictitious name from the Athlete Menu. Meet programs can be printed and the coaches send whomever they wish to fill their team's allocated lanes or positions.