Seeding Tips
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1.Manual Seeding is the manual process of assigning Athletes and Relays to heats and lanes. How To Run an Un-Seeded Meet describes 4 ways to manually seed.  
2.Before seeding, use the Scratch Pad to scratch athletes, relays, and alternates from the seeding process.  
3.If several or all athletes are seeded with no time, no distance, or no height, they will automatically be seeded randomly. This is also true for those entries entered with the same seed mark. If an event is re-seeded, the entries with the same mark will be randomized again, so it is important NOT to re-seed after the Start Lists have been printed.  
4.Just before seeding an event, you will be shown how many entries are in the event after scratches, and you will be able to make some changes to the way the event will be seeded without going back to the Events Menu. For example, you can change the number of athletes per flight for field events, change the randomization rule for any round leading up to finals, or change the number of heats in prelims so as to force extra open lanes. In High School or IAAF kind of meets, you can change the seeding of the next round to be by time only even if the runners advanced by place and time.  
5.If an event is a one round event and is a distance event or a field event, you can "Pick Break Points." This provides you a ranked list of athletes to be seeded and allows you to pick where you want the flights to break.  
6.To seed the first round by place and time, go to Set-up Menu / Entry/Scoring Preferences and check the box for "Show finish place with each entry". Normally this place is the finish place from a lower level qualifying meet. When you seed the first round of a given event, you will have the option to specify how many places to use to seed by place before using time only.  
7.If the meet is set-up as an NCAA meet, you can apply NCAA rule 10-5a for seeding indoor meets in the 200 and above that are in lanes and advancing by time only. This rule requires the assigning of heats from left to right only instead of using the serpentine method of alternating left to right and right to left. You are given the option to use the rule when you seed an event that meets the criteria for the rule. Set this rule in Set-up / Seeding Preferences by checking the box for "Apply NCAA rule 10-5a".  
8.Just before seeding has been completed for an event, the heats, sections, or flights can be previewed. This preview allows you to switch athletes, move them to empty positions, perform auto team split, and to insert new entries into open lanes.  
9.When previewing seeding of events seeded using standard alleys, the preview does not show the 1A, 2A, 3A, etc. alphanumeric alley assignments. The alphanumeric assignments will appear on heat sheets printed from the Meet Program, but do not appear when entering results in the Run Menu.  
10.When previewing, click the Auto Team Split button to automatically move athletes from the same team in the same heat to a different heat.  
11.Use the Preview/Adjust Seeding selection anytime after seeding. Adjustments can also be made in the Run Menu by clicking Adjust and in the Seeding Menu by clicking Preview or Adjust.