Setup and Use Competitor Numbers
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Competitor Numbers are numbers that can be assigned to Athletes and used as a "shortcut" way of referencing an Athlete. To automatically re-number all or some Competitor Numbers, click the Comp# button on the Athlete Tool Bar.
·You can re-number female athletes only, male athletes only,or both. You can start with any number up to 99,000.  
·You can reassign 1) alphabetically by team and alphabetically by name within each team or 2) alphabetically by athlete.  
·You can also select one team only for re-numbering, or numbering female only or male only.  
·You also have the option to skip numbering athletes that are not entered in any event.  
·You also have the option to only assign numbers to athletes who do not have a competitor number. For this option, athletes with a number already assigned will not be re-assigned and the athletes without a number will be assigned the first available number  
·In case you want to start over, you can zero out all competitor numbers or just one team's numbers.  

To enable the use of Competitor Numbers for Athletes, click on
from the Main Menu Bar and then Athlete/Relay Preferences and check the box labeled "Enter Competitor Numbers".

There are two other ways to assign Competitor numbers:
1.As you Add/Edit the Athlete, enter a number into the Competitor # field on the Screen.  
2.Click on Setup from the Main Menu Bar and then Athlete/Relay Preferences and check the box labeled "Auto Increment Competitor numbers". This should be done before you start Adding your Athletes. As you Add an Athlete, MM will automatically assign the next sequential Competitor number beginning with "1". As you Import meet entries, MM will also assign sequential Competitor Numbers.  

The competitor number can be used to Manually Seed Athletes from the Run Menu or to enter them into Relays from the Run Menu's
Relay Names
button or from the Relay Menu. For example, if you are Manually Seeding Athletes into an event, you might want to use competitor numbers rather than use the Adjust feature to click and drag athletes into a heat and lane. In this case, you would click on the Competitor # field next to an open lane on the Run Screen and enter the Athletes Competitor # right there. MM will look up that Competitor Number and enter the corresponding Athlete into the lane.

A separate Male and Female numbering system is available whereby a male and a female can have the same competitor numbering. In addition, you have the option to disable competitor uniqueness all together and that means every athlete could have the same number if desired.

Please Note: Whenever you Import Athletes into your Database, MM will automatically assign competitor numbers in case you need them at a later time.

For Masters meets, you have the option to have 5 digit numbers assigned to each athlete where the first two numbers are the low age of the athlete's 5 year age group and the last three digits are uniquely assigned; to use this option, just check the box "5 digit number; 1st 2 digits = age". Or you can number strictly by age group.