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TM Lite has two functions:

1.As a Demo for a prospective Customer to be able to evaluate TFWin-TM as a product and to experience its functionality and ease-of-use.  
2.As a Free Product for helping a team entering a meet to key in their meet entries and then to export those entries by disk or e-mail to the Meet Host.  

TM Lite is FREE
to download from the HY-TEK web site's
Download Center found at TFWin-TM Lite is basically the TFWin-TM production version with all six Standard Options enabled, but with the following restrictions:

Only the Export of Meet Entries and the Export of Athletes/Teams are operational. All other Exports are not available.  
Only the Import of Meet Events, Mark Standards, and Records are operational. All other Imports are not available.  
The Database conversion from DOS TM to TFWin-TM is not available.  
Any Report may be Previewed on the screen, but only the Meet Entries Report may be printed.  
A maximum of 3 Meets may be added.  
Unlimited number of Entry Events per meet, but a maximum of 10 Result Events per meet.  
Maximum of 3 meet results for each athlete for each stroke/distance combination.  
Maximum of two Teams may be entered.  
Maximum of 100 Athletes may be entered.  
Maximum of two Journal Entries may be entered.  

Tech Support is available by e-mail at No Telephone Tech Support is offered for TM Lite.

How to Use TM Lite
After Installing TFWin-TM Lite, please follow these steps for
completing your entries to send to the meet host.

1.The meet host sets up the meet name and meet events in HY-TEK's MEET MANAGER for Track & Field.  
2.In MEET MANAGER, the meet host clicks File / Export / Meet Events for Team Manager and e-mails this Meet Events file to all teams/schools entering.  
3.Each team imports this Meet Events file into TM Lite or TEAM MANAGER using File / Import / Meet Events. Note: Upon first use of TM Lite or TEAM MANAGER and before importing, the TM person must click File / Open and type in a database name to create a TM database.  
4.If the TM person did not receive a Meet Events file, then the TM person must add the meet as well as the meet events. In TM, Go to Meets / Add and enter the appropriate information. Then go to Events, click the radio button for Entry Events, then add the events. It is highly recommended that the TM person import the Meet Event file rather than manually add the meet events to TM Lite.  
5.The TM person adds their team abbreviation and team name using the Teams Menu and enters their rosters using the Athletes Menu.  
6.The TM person then clicks Meets, selects the meet and clicks Entries and selects By Event or By Name to place athletes into events and to add relays. For each entry, the team puts in a custom entry mark. Relays can only be added By Event.  
7.The team clicks Reports / Performance / Meet Entries to create a report of the meet entries to verify that all entries are complete and correct.  
8.Upon verification, the TM person clicks File / Export / Meet Entries. This will create a zipped file that is to be e-mailed to the meet host.  
9.The meet host runs MEET MANAGER, clicks File / Import / Entries, and selects the zipped entry file. A menu will appear with various options and it is important to check the box that says to "match on event number". This way the entries from each team are guaranteed to come in perfectly with the correct event.  
10.The meet host then creates a Flat HTML report for each team using Reports / Performance List. This Flat HTML file is then e-mailed back to the team/school for verification that the entries are correct.  

Please note that if you had the basic
, this entry process would be much easier as TFWin-TM would use each athlete's Best Mark as the entry mark for the meet - no need to enter a Custom Entry Mark for each entry and each meet. Or you can order T & F TEAM MANAGER right on the web at