USB to Serial Adaptor
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Most computers these days do not come with a serial COM port, but usually have several USB ports. Most timers and scoreboards depend on the serial port for communicating with Hy-Tek. The best way to add a serial port to a computer is to install a USB to Serial Adaptor. This adaptor plugs into a USB port on the computer and has a cable attached with a 9 pin male connector on the other end.

Go to Google and type in "USB to Serial Adapter" to find a site that sells these adaptors or simply go to your local computer store. Keyspan makes and sells very reliable USB to Serial Adaptors. A CD-ROM comes with these adaptors that installs the device driver. You MUST install the device driver. During the installation process it should tell you the number of the serial port, such as COM5. This number will almost never be 1 and will have nothing to do with the port number on the timer.

How to Find the COM Port Number on your Computer

If you do not know the COM port number, then do the following:
·In Windows XP go to Start / Settings / Control Panel. Look for the System icon. If you do not see it, you are probably in Category View. Go to the upper left and select Classic View and then System. Click on Hardware / Device Manager / Ports. Click the + next to Ports.  
·In Windows 98, click Start / Settings / Control Panel / System / Device Manager. Click the + next to Ports.  

Under Ports, you should see something like: Keyspan USB Serial Port (COM5). If you do not see any COM port listed, then the USB to Serial Adaptor is not installed properly.