Enter Wind Readings
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The recording of wind readings is "turned on" if the event is the triple jump, long jump, or a race of 200 meters or less and the Record Wind Readings is checked in the Entry/Scoring Preferences under Entries/Results. To record the wind reading for a running event, click the Wind text box at the far right or press Ctrl-W and enter a reading for the heat/section. If the event is the long jump or triple jump, click a cell in the Wind column or press Ctrl-W. Readings are normally in meters per second, such as tail wind of 0.8 or headwind of -1.2. All wind readings default to -0.0. To record a zero wind reading, enter +0.0. If the wind reading is -0.0, it is assumed there was no reading and reports will show NWI for no wind information. Wind readings should be rounded to the next higher tenth of a meter per second. For example, 1.36 is 1.4 and -1.36 is -1.3.