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Using the Browser to Enter Individual Events and Relays

1.All eligible events for the highlighted athlete are shown on the bottom half of the screen. To enter an event, simply click the event name and the cursor will jump to the Entry Mark column where you can key in the seed mark (if any).  For running events, you may enter the time as either 20499, 2:04.99, or NT for No Time.  For field events, you may enter an English mark as either 61000, 6-10, 6'10, or ND or NH; a Metric mark as 1245, 12.45, or 12.45m. If you have Conversion Formulas, enter the letter of the formula in front of the mark. See How to Enter Marks.
2.To show relay events, click the Show Relays check box at the top.  This adds 3 more columns to the event list for relay information where the Relay column means the relay letter such as A, B, or C relay; where the P-Pos and F-Pos mean the relay position (1-8) for the athlete in Prelims or Finals. To hide relay events, uncheck the Show Relays check box.
3.To alter the displayed Eligible Events, there are four choices at the top: Eligible Only, Entries Only, All Events, or Combined Events Only. The Eligible Only is the default. All Events displays every event regardless of age, division, or gender. This is useful for deleting an athlete that is entered in an event that does not match his/her age, division, or gender. Entries Only displays only the events the athlete is entered in and is very useful as an easy read to check entries.
4.Another way to alter the displayed eligible events is to click the Session All button at the top which allows you to select a session and filter the Eligible Events to only the events in the session.
5.To remove an entry, click an event name and you will be prompted to confirm deletion. If results are already entered for this entry, you will be warned.
6.If you are manually seeding and know the heat and lane/position the athlete or relay will be in, key that into the Heat/Lane column. An example would be 2/5 for heat 2 lane 5.   If that heat and lane/position is already assigned, MM will warn you and not permit a duplicate heat and lane/position assignment.
7.Use the SCR, ALT, and EXH check boxes to scratch the entry, declare the entry as an alternate, or declare the entry as exhibition.
8.The Scratch All is at the top and will allow you to quickly scratch an athlete from all events in the case where he/she did not show up for the meet. This does not scratch relays. The Athlete WILL NOT be scratched from rounds that have been completed.