CC/RR Button Interface

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HY-TEK's Button Finish INTERFACE software is designed to support the following button timers for Cross Country and Road Races:




Click Set-up / CC/RR Button Finish Interface and select one of the choices above. There are two types of timers. The first seven timers above use a serial port and transfer data through a serial port and the Interface creates a text file of the result data. The last three timing methods do not use a serial port, but create text result files directly. Please note that this INTERFACE permits downloading of result times or importing result text files after a cross country or road race is completed. The downloading or importing of results takes place in the CC/RR Module found in the Run Menu.


To delete Button Finish Interface files, go to the Main Menu, click on File / Purge / Remove Data Selectively.  At the bottom of the box, check Interface Files, and click OK.


Bar Code Readers

If you have the Button Finish INTERFACE you can use bar code readers to read in bar codes in the order of finish. This only applies to CC/RR races and does not apply to Track meets.


The bar code reader can be of two types:

1.One that plugs into the keyboard port. These keyboard readers usually have a plug-in adaptor called a "wedge".
2.One that plugs into COM Port also known as a serial port.


Bar codes can be printed on five different size labels and are Code 39 or Code 3 of 9 format.  For some keyboard type bar code readers, the Num Lock key on the key board must be off in order for the bar codes to read properly.


Operation of CC/RR Timers Utilizing a Serial Port

Operation of CC/RR Timers Utilizing File Sharing