Field Events

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When setting up field events, they should be setup as one round, regardless of the event. In the non-vertical events, the Field Score sheets have columns for three prelim jumps/throws and three columns for finals jumps/throws. The field officials normally enter the results of the prelim throws and then use the same score sheets to enter the results of the 8 or 9 finalists. When the sheets are returned to the Meet Manager operator, the entire series can be entered and the best mark automatically calculated. Or the operator can enter just the best mark.


In the high jump and pole vault, there may be many ties. Use the JD button in the Run Menu to break the ties by entering the actual place in the first column. Only places that are different need to be entered. So if three athletes are tied for third, change one of them to 4th and one of them to 5th (or both to 4th).