Footer Logos

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From the Main Menu bar, click Set-up / Report Preferences / Footer Logos to display the panel below. From this panel you can select up to five logos to be included in the footer of reports for the Meet Program, Psych Sheets, or Results. In order for the logos to appear within any of these reports, you must also check the Include Logos check box found in the Include Tab of each of the report menus.


The images that can be used for logos are .bmp files, .png files, .jpg files, and .jpeg files. After you have selected the images you want, click the Create Sample Report button to see how the logos will look. The images will be equally spaced across the bottom and automatically resized using the proper aspect ratio to fit within the footer. You can adjust the height of the footer from 5/32 inch to 1.5 inches by entering a number from 0 to 9 in the text box below. You can experiment with different settings to see what looks best.


We suggest that you store your logos image files in c:\hy-sport\tfmm3\logos for easy access.