Getting Started - Overview

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MEET MANAGER for Track & Field is designed to run simple "sign-up as you go" meets as well as very complex multi-day meets. MM will run:


 _bm2                Track & Field Meets

 _bm2                Cross Country Meets

 _bm2                Road Races


MM has been created with the latest in Windows software technology to make the software powerful and flexible!   The program is menu driven  - select a menu option with your mouse or keyboard, and MM will route you to the appropriate data entry screen or report.  All screens expand automatically to match your screen resolution, and there is extensive use of combo box drop downs and drag-and-drop features.


One person should be able to perform the bulk of the administrative tasks of running a meet, including entering events, teams, and athlete entries; producing the meet program using a wide range of report layout options; and entering results. To make your task even easier, MM supports the import of meet entries from either HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER for Track & Field or HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER Lite for Track & Field.  In addition, using HY-TEK's Interface software during the meet, results for running events can be imported directly from your Photo Finish System and results for field events can be imported directly from FinishLynx's FieldLynx.


MM is designed to interface with all major Photo Finish Systems, Button Finish Timers, Alpha-numeric Scoreboards, and FieldLynx hand held devices. For example, at a track meet, one operator on the HY-TEK MM computer could be connected to a photo finish system and a scoreboard system via RS232 serial port cables (network not needed). Then, the HY-TEK operator could be entering field event results manually (or automatically if using FieldLynx) and be simultaneously and automatically receiving running event results in background! To actually read the results into the heats, the HY-TEK operator selects the running event and clicks the Get Times button or presses the F3 key to have the results instantly show up on screen. An additional mouse click or keystroke and the alpha-numeric scoreboard instantly displays the results.  Click Here for detail information about the various Interfaces.


Another feature offered by MM is the Pro Option which provides multi-user capabilities and real-time results to the web.  This permits up to nine computes to "share" one database and permits the instant upload of HTML pages to your website.


A very real scenario might be six computers set up as follows:

1.Track results computer at the photo finish area
2.Field events results computer in a nearby area.
3.Clerking and seeding computer at the far end of the stadium
4.Real-time web results computer in the photo finish area
5.Report and label printing computer in the photo copy room

 6.        Reports only computer in the media area


Click Here for more information about the Pro option.