Declare Maximum Entries for an Athlete

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You can restrict the number of entries for an Athlete in two ways - by Session or for the entire Meet.


1.By Session

When you set up a Session , specify the maximum number of Individual entries allowed in that Session.  For example, if you are allowed 3 entries for Session 3 and you try to enter Jack in a 4th event for that Session, MM will warn you that the athlete has exceeded the entry limit.


2.For the Entire Meet

Click on Set-Up then click on Entry / Scoring Preferences and then the Entry Limits tab to setup:

_bm2Max entries for an Athlete including Relays
_bm2Max Individual entries per Athlete
_bm2Max Relay entries per Athlete


Please note that you can also create an Exception Report to list athletes that have exceeded Max Individual or Relay entries by Session, any group of Sessions, or for the entire meet.