Export Results to TEAM MANAGER

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After your meet has been completed, there will probably be many teams who want to get their meet results in a file so that they can Import results into their HY-TEK TEAM MANAGER Database.  You might also want to Export all of the Meet Results and then zip the file to make it available on a Web Site or to e-mail it to Teams.


Click on File from the Main Menu Bar and then Export.  Then pick Results for Team Manager. MM will display the Export Results screen for you to Customize and/or filter the Results as follows.




You may filter this export to include only results from a particular Team, Division, or Region.
You may filter this export by gender to include Males Only, Females Only, or Both.
You may include Relays with or without their Athletes or just No Relays.
You may click the check box for Copy last created .TCL File and MM will copy the last export you made out to diskette or a directory on your hard drive.
You may click the Zip the File check box and MM will compress the .TCL file in the standard PKZIP format to make it easy to e-mail or post on a web site.
You may click the Include Addresses check box if you wish to include athlete addresses with the result file.


The result of this Export will be a standard HY-TEK .TCL Results File that can be imported directly into a HY-TEK's TEAM MANAGER for Track & Field. If the export is for just one team, the team name will be included in the exported file name.