Repair a Database

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There may be situations in which your MM Database gets damaged because of a hardware problem or power outage.  In those cases, you could Restore your latest backup.  The problem here is that you will lose any changes or additions you have made since the last time you backed up your Database.  You still may have to resort to this but first, try HY-TEK's Repair and Compact Database utility. This utility is also handy for "shrinking" the database because the Compact Database removes data that has been marked for deletion.


Click on File from the Main menu Bar and then Repair and Compact Database and MM will offer the following:




_bm4Click Yes to Repair and Compact the currently open Database, but first you will be asked to make a backup, so click Yes to the question below.





Regardless of the answer to the backup question, MM will ask for confirmation and then check to make sure you have enough temporary disk space on your Hard Drive to perform the repair operation.  Then MM will go through the actions for repairing and compacting your Database.


After MM has completed the repair, go back and check the integrity of the Database - check your Athletes and Events and run a few reports.  If there are still problems, click Here to find out How To Restore a Database.