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How to Setup a Network

How to Setup Network Administration


If you are using MEET MANAGER for Track & Field Pro Network Option, whenever you Open a Database, MM will prompt you to logon with one of the 9 User Names shown below.


LevelUser Name                Permissions


 1Administrator                No restrictions at all.
 2Run1, Run2, Run3                This level can do everything except Network Administration and Single User Mode functions.
 3Clerk 1, Clerk 2                This level can do everything Level 2 can do, except Run the meet.
 4Report 1, 2, & 3                Level 4 can print Reports/Labels ONLY


Please note that the logon applies to a specific Database.  For example, you could logon to Database 1 as "Run" to edit the results of a previous meet and later logon to Database 2 as "Clerk 2" to reseed an upcoming meet.


In order to logon, you must first pick from the above list of User Names and then enter an optional password for that User Name. Only the Administrator User Name has the ability to assign a Password to one or more of the User Names - please click Here to find out how to set up passwords. .  Please note that an Administrator may set up a set of passwords for one Database and no passwords for another Database - the set of User Name passwords are associated with each Database, NOT with the global system.  Passwords consists of from 6 to 16 numbers and letters and can be left blank if no password is desired.  When you logon, MM will display all nine User Names and indicate which ones are available to use (that is, currently NOT logged on).


If you logon as Administrator, you have the option to Open the Database in Single User Mode or Multi-User Mode.  Click Here for more information about logging on as Administrator for Network Administration.  If you logon as any of the other 8 User Names, the Database will automatically be opened in Multi-User mode - that is, more than one User can access the database at one time.


The only way to log off and free up your User Name is to exit from MM properly.


If you are connected with several users and one of the users gets knocked off the system and is unable to log-off properly, the other users will still "see" the knocked off user as still logged on. To correct that, you must get the user back on line, log that user on as the same user as before and then log-off properly. This will clear that User Name from the network administrator file.