Main Menu Bar

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The Main Menu bar is displayed whenever you start MEET MANAGER for track & Field.





The Main Menu bar at the top of the screen is your gateway to the MEET MANAGER for Track & Field program.   You can select any of these items, or any item from a pull-down list by:



Positioning your mouse and clicking on your choice


- OR -

Using your keyboard by pressing Alt+ the underlined letter of the menu you wish to open.


For example, click Setup and then click Scoring - OR - Press Alt+U to pull down the Setup menu and then press S for Scoring. Some of the menu commands will take you directly into that feature.


For example, choose Athlete from the Main Menu Bar, and you will be taken directly to the MEET MANAGER for Track & Field Athlete Browser Screen where you will have a host of other commands from which to choose.


To close a menu box, press the escape key (ESC) or click on the Close button.  Take time to experiment with these features and observe how these commands work.